Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Only one more week!

Well readers, I have to apologize for my lack of blogging lately. With the thrill of finally leaving my firm came the overwhelming need to get things reorganized, clear out personal belongings, and watch as the "committee" responsible for hiring my replacement drags their feet. But I do have an amusing story to share involving our newest contract, part-time associate. He's ego screams that he's a lawyer, but the partners don't let him forget he's a contracted part-time associate, and he's not on the letterhead and therefore not an attorney at the firm.

Just the other day this is the conversation I had with Num Nuts (NN for short!).

NN: What time does our court runner pick up for the afternoon run?
Me: 2pm. Do you have something?
NN: Yeah, I do. It's just Common Pleas.
Me: Well it's 1:57, so bring it out here so I can hand it off.
NN: Umm... well... I haven't really started or finished it yet but it HAS to be filed by 4.
Me:  So what you're telling me is that you haven't started this really complex initial filing that's due in two hours and you expect our runner to hang around until you finish it?
NN: Yeah, that's the plan.

Is it too late to revoke his license????

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jumping for Joy

After spending over an hour last evening sending out thank you emails to the attorneys I interviewed with yesterday, I got an email from one this morning. "We were impressed by your personality and experience and we would like offer you a job at our firm." Best. Words. Ever.

Putting my two weeks in tomorrow and packing up my desk! Yahoo!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New job perhaps?

Went on a job interview this afternoon. Really keeping my fingers crossed on this one- they seem like a good match for myself. (And no, I'm not going to be their new receptionist! I'm moving onto the role of Legal Assistant.)

I will keep you updated, dear readers!! Until then, keep your fingers crossed!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Time for a Shoutout!

I would love for all of my readers (yes all 4 of you) to go check out my friend Paralegal Hell. She offers some wonderful insight into her world at the Death Star and great tips for anyone who wants to be (or already is) a paralegal. Check her out, leave some love, and tell her I sent ya!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rules I Live By

I don't live an exciting life by any means, but I will say that I have a lot of excitement by working with lawyers. My life motto has become "I work for attorneys hence I work smarter, not harder." Not too many people know what it's like being a receptionist, or as my former boss called it, director of first impressions. There are blogs out there on every topic on earth, but not one for the receptionist. So ladies and gentlemen, this one is for you! And to start off my life in the blogging world, here is a list of rules that everyone should know before dealing with the receptionist at a law office (or any office for that matter).

1. Don't argue with the receptionist. Period. You will not pass go, nor will you collect $200. When it comes to the reception area, I am the gatekeeper and you are not the key master with that attitude.
2. If we tell you that the person you want to talk to is away from their desk, don't whine and try to tell me that you JUST talked to them. I know for a fact they have been in someone else's office gossiping for the past hour.
3. If I offer you a drink when you come in the office, go with whatever is easist. I'm not a bariesta at Starbucks. Water or black coffee are your two choices.
4. Just because the person you're looking for is not at their desk, does NOT mean they are out of the office. It means they are wandering around the office, probably talking with another attorney about what their kids' soccer teams are doing. Just leave them a voicemail.
5. Don't ask me to take a hand written message for you. I'm busy and do not have time for you to sit and remember what your cell phone number is.
6. No, I will not page your attorney. We only page with the server goes down or if there is birthday cake. You are neither an important piece of computer equipment nor are you covered in buttercream icing.
7. Keep your conversation with me short and to the point. I typically have 3 calls going at once and I don't have time for your sales pitch or life story.
8. Don't ever take your gum out of your mouth, hand it to me and say "Can you throw this away?" Excuse me, but I'm not your mother. I will not touch your chewed gum, but I will however, point you to the nearest trash can.
9. If you decide to bring your kids with you for your meeting, do not expect me to babysit. I haven't done that for years and I will not start doing it again. I will not play cards with them, sit with them as they color, nor will I hold a conversation with a 4 year old who keeps asking me when daddy is coming home.
10. If you call and tell me that you want to sue the city/state/county because they were mean when you got arrested- I will laugh. That really is hilarious because you obviously were doing something wrong and when you got caught, all of a sudden everyone is mean!? Oh please honey, find something better to do with your time, like preparing for your grand jury hearing.

Do you have any rules that you live by? And if you do, please share!